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About Launchpad

Since 2018, Launchpad has been helping entrepreneurs establish or reset their businesses across various industries. We focus on allowing you to do what you do best and treat your business as if it was our own. We desire to see you achieve your dreams and make your life easier.

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Whether you're starting or growing a business, you can't do it all alone. Before you pay several experts, hire new staff, or spend hours learning to do it yourself, schedule a free consultation with Launchpad today.

How We Help

Business Consulting

Are you great at your business, but need unbiased help with finances and strategy? Startups are welcome!

Website Design

A website is more than a brochure! Reflect who you really are and attract the perfect clients for your business!


To grow your business understanding your finances is critical. We can help without breaking the bank!

Social Media

Interact with your community and maximize your returns. Expand your reach without wasting time!

Services for Every Business

Start Your Business!

Tell us your dream. We'll tell you how we can help!

Business Refresh

Did you leap before you looked? Need some help? Let's go!

Operations Support

We help you focus on what you do best!


Overwhelmed and feeling Stuck? Launchpad helps you move forward.


If it wasn't for Launchpad, we would not be in business today. We needed help with prior-year bookkeeping clean-up and setting up payroll. Launchpad took time to learn about our business and helped us turn it around. 

Launchpad has been with us since the start of our journey and has helped us grow our average annual revenue by 56%, profit by 87%, and net income by 366%. Launchpad helped us grow even during the pandemic, while others were closing their doors.

I know my trade and have very little time for anything else. I needed help to set up my LLC, understand the numbers, and didn't want to waste time making mistakes. Launchpad Consulting allowed me to focus on what I do best and take better care of my clients.

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